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A Justification for Document Exchange Technologies

In his book Managing for the Future, Peter Drucker says that businesses will undergo more and more radical restructuring in the 1990s than at any time since the modern corporate organization first evolved in the 1920s. So far many of us have experienced management changes and business process changes brought about by a combination of a more competitive economy, the reinventing or reengineering of corporations and the availability and capability of new technologies. The era of change is upon us and those companies that do not adapt and make the transition will fail or simply become non-competitive.

How often have you been involved in processes or discussions about processes in the following areas:

  • Workgroup computing
  • Business process reengineering
  • High performance business teams
  • Enterprise computing
  • Interenterprise computing
  • Mail enabled applications
  • Organizational empowerment

All of these changes are being brought about as corporations struggle to become more competitive in the global economy. This means downsizing and-or doing more with less. This can only be accomplished through the optimal use of information technologies that give people more information more rapidly and for less money. These portraying to find ways to do things we never did before rather than trying to improve on what we used to do.

The document exchange market grew out of that inductive thinking practice. When we first started to promote the KEYWORD KEYpak. technology many customers told us that they did not have a need for the product. However, Jean Baptiste Say, an early nineteenth-century French economist, observed that in many situations, supply creates its own demand. People do not know they want something until they see that they can have it; then they feel they can't live without it.

This can make it difficult to cost justify some technologies as there is no simple model for comparison purposes. Fortunately there are some conventional applications of the KEYpak. document exchange technology that parallel existing processes. One of the real benefits that is very often overlooked in doing justifications is the ability to reinvest time saved as productivity is improved.

In the following paragraphs we will try to show some of the benefits that come from the application of KEYpak. in mail enabled environments. We have divided them into two categories: Bottom line and Enabling benefits.

Bottom line benefits reduces Fax, courier and paper costs

Now that electronic mail systems have the ability to deliver multi-object compound documents the only barrier standing in the way of using E-mail as a replacement for Fax and couriers is the confidence that the information you receive is readable and useful. KEYpak. provides the ability to transform the delivered data into information by detecting incompatible word processing attachments and converting them into the desired form useable by the recipient.

Ultimately you receive immense savings by delivering the information electronically. Using E-mail allows the received information to be used electronically and provides savings by way of reduced courier costs and reduced paper usage (both for courier and Fax). There is also the time saved in printing the document and preparation for the courier. In some cases there is time saved in eliminating the manual Fax transmission process. (Most E-mail Fax gateways still cannot properly transmit compound document attachments through the gateway)


Preserves existing skill sets

KEYpak. when integrated with E-mail allows users to retain their word processor of choice. Thus users of many different and incompatible word processing systems can co-exist on the network and participate in full exchange of information. Thus eliminating costly re-training associated with standardizing on a unitary system.

Sometimes different word processors were chosen for their specific capability. In these cases standardization leads to decreases in productivity while users try to replicate the functionality of their previous systems. In most organizations we have found at least three and usually more different word processors on the network which means that re-training would be non-trivial.

Maximizes use and investment in hardware and software

In the economy of the 90s document exchange software is an enabler that allows companies to retain hardware and software that would otherwise not fit into the information sharing objectives of most organizations.

Moving off of older systems is expensive and migration from old to new can be done smoother and over longer periods while allowing the legacy users to fully participate in sharing information.

In the re-training situation it also allows you to keep your investment in the existing word processing systems without having to buy new copies of one system for everyone.

Enabling benefits

KEYpak can improve many aspects of an organization that may not directly translate into cost savings or increased revenue but can contribute to the enterprise's success. Implementations, for example, typically save people time - an indirect or enabling benefit. Time savings can be reinvested (resulting in direct benefits such as more sales revenue) or divested (also resulting in direct benefits such as reduced personnel costs).

Implementations can result in an improvement in the quality of the work, workplace and work life by encouraging cooperation and offering individuals more personal work satisfaction and support. The ideas and innovations that arise from the enhanced exchange of information can result in innovative, improved product or service quality, strengthened customer loyalty, or labor stability, all of which can lead to direct benefits.

The following are all enabling benefits that can translate into bottom line benefits:

  • Eliminates re-keying of information and improves quality
  • Reduces time spent proof reading (as a result of re-keying)
  • Reduces time and steps in reading E-mail
  • Reduces duplication of efforts
  • Document creation is faster and easier
  • Better access to information opens new doors
  • Better, faster decisions can transform the business

KEYpak can help you to leverage your information assets across the enterprise as well as providing bottom line benefits.

References of successful implementations can be provided by our account representatives upon request.


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