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   Lynn Witzaney
   ANE Resources, Inc.

ANE Resources, Inc. announces newest integration of KEYpakÒ with Icom Solutions, Ltd’s Connect-ME SNADS to Microsoft Exchange Connector.

Chicago, IL, July 1, 1997 - ANE Resources, Inc. and Icom Solutions have integrated KEYpak document converters with Connect - ME SNADS to Microsoft Exchange Connector. Icom Solutions is a major supplier of Office Automation Software tools and Workflow products located in London, England.

Connect - ME, jointly designed by Microsoft and Icom Solutions, enables the Microsoft Exchange Server to trade e-mail services with SNADS compliant e-mail systems. KEYpak Document Conversion and Filtering software products, licensed by more than 11 million users worldwide, provide document conversion between over 200 different word processing formats. KEYpak integrated with Icom’s Connect - ME SNADS to Microsoft Exchange Connector allows companies to not only connect between different e-mails systems, but also to convert attached documents transparently to the end user. KEYpak’s proprietary auto-detect module, File ReporterÔ , will identify over 200 different file types by analyzing the document content and not the file name extension. KEYpak and File Reporter will support originating application environments such as Apple Macintosh, MS-DOS, Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, Digital VAX/VMS, Digital Alpha, HP-UX, IBM MVS/VM, SUN OS, Solaris, SCO, SGI, IBM AIX, Digital UNIX, and Tandem Integrity as well as other platforms.

"This auto-identification and transparent conversion combined with Connect - ME SNADS to Microsoft Exchange Connector delivers usable, editable and revisable documents to the end user’s PC in the required format," according to Gus Esposito, CEO of ANE Resources, Inc.." The integration of KEYpak with Connect-ME SNADS to Microsoft Exchange represents another example of e-mail delivery coupled with document conversion to provide the tools for on-going migration and coexistence between legacy systems and Client - Server based systems. We are pleased Icom Solutions, Ltd. has chosen KEYpak."

According to Clive Horton, President of ReSoft International a North American Sales Agent for Icom, "Our customers have told us that integrating document conversion within the e-mail backbone was a serious issue for them. We are pleased that this initiative has been put in place."

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