NEWS RELEASE.............10/14/97...........FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


 	Lynn Witzaney 
	ANE Resources, Inc.


ANE Resources, Inc. announced today that KEYpak document conversion software is now available for use on the Seimen Nixdorf UNIX operating system known as SINIX

Chicago, IL, October 14, 1997 - ANE Resources, Inc. announced today that KEYpak Document Conversion software and PostFAX, the FAX Server conversion software are available on SINIX, the UNIX operating system. KEYpak has been supporting MIPS-ABI compliant UNIX versions for several years and SINIX is one of the many platforms supported by KEYpak document conversion software. KEYpak is currently operating on IBM VM, IBM MVS, Digital VAX/VMS, Digital Alpha/VMS, Digital UNIX, HP-UX, SCO UNIX, SUN Sparc OS, SUN Sparc Solaris, DG AVIION, IBM AIX, Windows 95/NT, and many others.

"The support of SINIX will allow KEYpak greater exposure in the European market where SINIX is more widely deployed than in North America," according to Gus Esposito, CEO of ANE Resources, Inc. "Features and functionality of the existing platforms supported by KEYpak, such as auto detection of file type, single document or batch conversion and support of Windows-based, DOS-based, Legacy and HTML formats, will be extended to the SINIX O/S, including support for Windows 97".

Other products by ANE Resources, Inc. include PostFAX and File Reporter. PostFAX is a FAX Server-based conversion tool designed to convert native file formats to PostScript and Group III or Group IV formats. File Reporter is the auto detection module which determines the file type and version of the file by examining the contents of the file, not the file extension, allowing KEYpak to correctly convert the file. File Reporter and PostFAX are available as stand alone products for end users as well as through OEM channels.

ANE Resources, Inc. is a privately-held company and a leading supplier of document translation software on multiple platforms, which enable millions of users worldwide to access, convert and translate information across disparate computing platforms. ANE Resources, Inc. markets its products and services worldwide through an international distributor network, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and direct sales. Pricing and product information is available by calling (403) 235-5939 or e-mail or visit our web page at


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