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   Lynn Witzaney
   ANE Resources, Inc.


PostFAX removes the barriers to sharing documents within the fax server/E-Mail environment. PostFAX allows end users to distribute documents without the need to know if the delivery transport is E-Mail, fax, or a combination of formats. E-Mail and fax senders can send the same message and attachment at one time, in one E-Mail message. PostFAX leverages existing investments in E-Mail infrastructure by making mail-enabled fax services more effective.

ANE Resources, Inc. announces PostFAX is now available to end users for purchase.

Chicago, IL, May 12, 1997- ANE Resources, Inc. today announces the release of PostFAX to end users. PostFAX had been available only through OEM channels for the past several years. PostFAX is now available on SUN Sparc OS, SUN Sparc Solaris, HP-UX, HP Open Mail, AIX, and DEC UNIX.

PostFAX is designed to provide users within a mail enabled fax environment the capability to send faxes transparently using PostFAX. Today, fax servers can accept one or more image formats (PostScript, PCL, DCX, TIFF, etc.) and ASCII text. Most networked fax solutions require end users to pre-image fax documents into an acceptable format or convert to simple ASCII text. With PostFAX, fax documents do not require preprocessing by the fax client.

"PostFAX has traditionally been marketed through our OEM channel," according to Gus Esposito, CEO of ANE Resources, "however, over the past six months PostFAX has been test-marketed directly to the corporate end users and the acceptance has been overwhelming. This is very encouraging to us and confirms that quality conversion and migration tools developed by ANE Resources on multiple platforms continue to have strong market demand".

ANE Resources, Inc. is a privately held company and a leading supplier of document translation software that enables millions of users world-wide to access, convert, view and translate information across disparate computer platforms. ANE Resources, Inc. markets its products and services worldwide through an international distributor network, original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and direct sales. Pricing and product information is available by calling 403-235-5939 or email or visit our web page at

PostFAX Features:
  • Eliminates need for end user document preprocessing.
  • Improves messaging workflow and minimizes hardware resources.
  • Reduces messaging administration costs by allowing a single distribution list for both email and fax users.
  • Leverages e-mail infrastructure to use least cost routing through combination of e-mail and FAX.
  • Converts over 200 legacy and PC word processing formats.
  • Object-oriented converters support complex documents containing headers, footers, fonts, frames, styles, tables, and embedded graphics.
  • Provides high quality conversion to PostScript and TIFF for fax server apps.
  • Designed with extendible architecture to address future format needs.


Other platforms supported by KEYpak and PostFAX:

DEC AlphaOSF-1
DG Aviion
SUN Sparc OS, Sparc Solaris
Tandem Integrity

Email Integrations:

CDS Mail Hub
DEC All-IN-1
HP-Open Mail
Soft Switch LMS & others

Other Conversion Products:

KEYpak File Reporter
KEYpak Auto Detect
KEYplus, KEYnotes
KEYpak NT & Windows 95


KEYpak and PostFAX are registered trademarks of ANE Resources, Inc.; all other names are the property of their respective companies.