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KEYpak for Windows NT with Virus Protection Released


Lynn Witzaney
ANE Resources,Inc.

KEYpak removes the barriers to sharing documents. KEYpak NT document converters allows users of disperate word processing systems to exchange fully revisable documents while preserving the original formatting. KEYpak integrates with popular electronic mail systems and gateways providing transparent document conversion for the user and easy maintenance for the administrator.

ANE Resources, Inc. adds Windows NT to its portfolio of conversion offerings and platforms for server based conversion technology solutions. (Refer to features, benefits, and system requirements on page 2)

Chicago, IL, April 25, 1997- ANE Resources, Inc. today announced it has released KEYpak for Windows NT. In addition to KEYpak being available on the Windows NT platform. The technology is also available on UNIX, VMS, IBM VM, and MVS platforms.

KEYpak and PostFAX™ provide document conversion among diverse word processors to include conversion translators for HTML, fax, graphics and word processors. The KEYpak converters are also used with many text retrieval and search companies.

KEYpak NT is offered in two versions; the standard offering includes the KEYpak conversion library, which supports word processing, HTML, graphics, Postscript and TIFF conversion. The enhanced version of KEYpak NT includes virus protection that automatically scans for viruses and if any are found removes the virus.

"The KEYpak NT release represents our continued focus in the enterprise document conversion technology marketplace on multiple platforms," said Gus Esposito CEO of ANE Resources, "and we will be announcing additional platforms and mail switch integration's in the near future. We at ANE Resources, Inc recognize that our customers and partners continue to expect KEYpak to set the standard for Document Interchange for both co-existence and mass migration needs."

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