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 	Lynn Witzaney 
	ANE Resources, Inc.

ANE Resources, Inc. signs OEM agreement with Italian software developer.

ANE Resources signs OEM agreement with Consultancy & Projects Group s.r.l. of Rome, Italy. The OEM agreement is part of an on-going reseller agreement with CPG. ANE provides PostFAX document converters integrated with CPG's UNIX-based fax product, MERCURY FAX Plus, to support Windows-based and Legacy document conversion to the PostScript/TIFF facsimile requirements.

Chicago, IL, July 29, 1998 - ANE Resources, Inc. announced today an OEM agreement with Consultancy and Projects Group, s.r.l. (CPG) of Rome. CPG will offer its UNIX-based Mercury FAX server products with ANE Resources' PostFAX document and file converters. This combination will allow users of Mercury FAX products to fax documents in their native formats, whether the document is a Word 97/98, WordPerfect, HTML document or a legacy format such as Digital's WPS Plus. PostFAX will automatically identify the file type and version using ANE Resources' File Reporter. and then convert the file for faxing. PostFAX runs on multiple platforms such as Sun, Solaris, Sinex, HP-UX, AIX as well as other UNIX O/S.

MERCURY-FAX Plus allows the user to quickly route faxes to everyone on the network and customize fax destinations to E-mail or a central directory, or have them automatically printed. MERCURY-FAX provides all typical fax server functions. The central server can run without an operator and provides continuous backup, security and accounting information. It can support multiple fax lines, which operate on demand through the use of an integrated processor per-port. MERCURY-FAX can be fully and transparently integrated in the Intranet and can send documents using the Web Browser and receive them as e-mail attachments.

About Consultancy & Projects Group. s.r.l.

Consultancy & Projects Group has been developing quality products since 1988 specializing in Object-Oriented technologies and general network communications software (tcp/ip) Xnet (Internet, Intranet, Extranet). The development of projects using these technologies through the years has made CPG one of the few companies in the business to have a high degree of experience in this field. CPG has experience in both "traditional" network management, design and implementation of networks, capacity planning, and in the environment of new architectures such as Customer Care, Accounting, Billing and Content Management. CPG Clients include Marconi, Telecom Italia, and TIN where leading edge Object Oriented technologies such as CORBA, Java and network computing have been used.

About ANE Resources, Inc.

ANE Resources, Inc. is a privately-held company and a leading supplier of document translation software on multiple platforms, which enable millions of users worldwide to access, convert and translate information across disparate computing platforms. KEYpak and PostFAX are available on UNIX, VMS, IBM VM and MVS, NT, Windows, and other platforms. KEYpak and PostFAX provide document conversion among diverse word processors to include conversion translators for HTML, fax, graphics and word processors. PostFAX, a derivative of KEYpak allows senders of e-mail and FAXES to forward documents to Group III & IV-compliant fax servers transparently, by converting the documents to PostSript/TIFF format. Both KEYpak and PostFAX convert Legacy formats as well as Windows, NT and DOS-based formats such as Word 97, IBM FFT, RFT, DCA Script, Word for MAC, WordPerfect, MASS 11, Digital's WPS Plus and many more formats. ANE Resources, Inc. markets its products and services worldwide through an international distributor

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