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 	Lynn Witzaney 
	ANE Resources, Inc.

ANE Resources, Inc. assumes KEYpak® and PostFAXtm sales for former German distributor.

ANE Resources, Inc. will assume all marketing, sales, and technical support of KEYpak, PostFAX, KEYplus and File Reporter for System Consult, GmbH of Berlin, Germany, effective immediately, due to the closing of System Consult. ANE will provide direct technical support to all former customers of System Consult licensed to use KEYpak or PostFAX in Europe.

Chicago, IL, July 25, 1998 - ANE Resources, Inc. announced today that due to the closing of System Consult, GmbH of Berlin, ANE will assume all technical support of currently licensed KEYpak and PostFAX users. ANE will market and sell KEYpak products through direct sales and with existing KEYpak resellers of System Consult to provide both marketing and technical support to existing customers and new clients. System Consult had been a distributor of KEYpak conversion and migration software products.

"ANE Resources would like to assure current KEYpak and PostFAX customers that their needs will be taken care of by ANE," stated Gus Esposito, CEO of ANE Resources, Inc.. "We are ready to assist customers with current installation concerns, and also provide for any new installations of ANE Resources' software products."

About ANE Resources, Inc.

ANE Resources, Inc. is a privately-held company and a leading supplier of document translation software on multiple platforms, which enable millions of users worldwide to access, convert and translate information across disparate computing platforms. KEYpak and PostFAX are available on UNIX, VMS, IBM VM and MVS, NT, Windows, and other platforms. KEYpak and PostFAX provide document conversion among diverse word processors to include conversion translators for HTML, fax, graphics and word processors. PostFAX, a derivative of KEYpak allows senders of e-mail and FAXES to forward documents to Group III & IV-compliant fax servers transparently, by converting the documents to PostSript/TIFF format. Both KEYpak and PostFAX convert Legacy formats as well as Windows, NT and DOS-based formats such as Word 97, IBM FFT, RFT, DCA Script, Word for MAC, WordPerfect, MASS 11, Digital's WPS Plus and many more formats. ANE Resources, Inc. markets its products and services worldwide through an international distributor

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