Lynn Witzaney 
	ANE Resources, Inc.


ANE Resources, Inc. Announced that KEYpak has been integrated with a full text retrieval software program on Digital UNIX.

Chicago, IL, August 14, 1997 - ANE Resources, Inc., announced today that KEYpak version 4.1 has been integrated with a full text retrieval software program on Digital UNIX. KEYpak in combination with CPL Search engine and TA Server will provide a powerful text search solution to instantly provide a full text search of native file formats. KEYpak supports Legacy, Windows and Windows/NT platforms, as well the document formats of these platforms from Mainframe applications, such as IBM FFT, RFT, DCF Script, Digital's WPS PLUS, Word 97, HTML, and UNIX version of word processors.

Users may drag any native file document onto the "Text Archive Folder" where the original document object is automatically identified. KEYpak is utilized to extract the ASCII contents and saves every word, as well as it's exact location in the text such as paragraph, and sentence, etc. in the Full Text Index. Users can then search for documents based on their content. According to Gus Esposito, CEO "this is a prime example of the extensibility and flexibility of the KEYpak product line to satisfy the requirements of text search and retrieval technology. Our flexibility to provide functionality across many platforms for the implementation of this application is directly influenced by our responsiveness to the rapid development of other formats within the search text arena."

ANE Resources, Inc. is a privately-held company and a leading supplier of document translation, text extraction technology on multiple platforms which enable millions of users worldwide to access, convert and translate information across disparate computing platforms. Other search engine companies using KEYpak for text extraction are IDI Basis and BRS/Search. ANE Resources, Inc. markets its products and services worldwide through an international distributor network, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and direct sales. Platforms currently supported are: Digital UNIX, SUN, Solaris, MVS, VM, Windows, Windows NT, Tandem Integrity, Digital VAX/Alpha, DG AVIION, IBM AIX and other. In addition to traditional bi-directional conversion, ANE Resources offers PostFAX for fax server based conversion and mass migration/conversion solutions to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

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