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KEYpak ODX - Open Document eXchange

The proliferation of sophisticated desktop publishing applications and compound document word processors has made universal document conversion increasingly complex. Documents contain not only formatted text, but images, graphics, tables, style sheets, video and voice content. In response, ANE offers KEYpak ODX -- the third generation conversion architecture designed specifically to address evolving document conversion requirements.

ODX, a downward-compatible, object-oriented architecture supports the Open System Interconnect (OSI) Open Document Architecture (ODA) standard and serves as the foundation for all future ANE products. ANE has incorporated ODX into all existing KEYpak products.

KEYpak ODX Features

KEYpak ODX is designed to enable fully revisable compound documents-- containing text, graphs, images and other emerging document capabilities -- to be exchanged across heterogeneous systems. Major enhancements of ODX's multi-data type architecture include:

  • Improved document profile, or summary, information, including departmental and company descriptions, revision histories, keywords, language and dictionary preferences.
  • Frame-based organization. ODX provides a mechanism for enclosing objects of dissimilar types; identifying physically discontinuous but logically related objects, for example flowing text from frame to frame, controlling boundaries for variable length data; and overlaying of data areas.
  • ODX's ability to distinguish between content and structure allows for the adaptation of future object-oriented data types that have not been fully defined today, including sound, video and animation. Improved word processing support for characters, fonts (supports names from all major font vendors), footnotes, table of contents, indexes, paragraph numbering, page layout, etc.
  • Stylistically, ODX's frame-based organization uses left/right indents, leading, and inter-paragraph spacing to replace the previous architecture's ruler/line spacing techniques.
  • The ODX toolkit performs virtually all character and font translations; source and target conversions can assume their own native font and code systems.
  • New support for borders, insertion and deletion revision marks, side notes, annotation, bullet lists, tables, drop caps, character orientation reference marks etc.
  • Support for styles. Word processing ruler and paragraph properties can be collected and repetitively referenced through an assigned name.
  • Compound document support for images, graphics, and spreadsheet data objects. Compound information may be embedded or linked via external files.
KEYpak ODX Configuration Options

KEYpak's open architecture enables users to choose the most appropriate platform for their environment and the level of integration they desire through KEYpak's existing support of the major office automation systems. KEYpak translation services are available as an end-user service distributed on many processors or on large central processors to operate as an enterprise-wide document translation gateway or backbone.

In gateway configurations, all information passing through the document messaging gateway is automatically processed by KEYpak translators, which ensure end users always receive the information they need in the most appropriate format. KEYpak can be integrated to provide seamless compound document conversion in most backbone messaging systems, including SoftSwitch Central.

In distributed or end user service environments, KEYpak performs any necessary conversions automatically or when instructed by the end user. In both situations, conversions are performed only when the document is delivered.

The family of KEYpak products are trademarked by ANE Resources.


KEYpak LAN is a "middle-ware" application designed for access by the applications rather than the user. KEYpak LAN allows document conversion services to be seamlessly integrated into other applications such as electronic mail or document management systems. Complete documentation is provided on the Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that are included to connect KEYpak LAN to other applications.

KEYpak LAN supports DOS, Windows operating systems, LAN operating systems including NetWare 2.x and 3.x, IBM LAN Server, Microsoft LAN Manager, DEC Pathworks, Banyan VINES, 3COM and others. KEYpak also supports LAN bridges and gateways.


KEYpak VAX/VMS is a Network Application Support (NAS) base application that allows users to share documents across desktops through document interchange and conversion. Using the Information/Resource Sharing services of NAS, KEYpak makes it practical to access and exchange documents without concern for where the documents were originally created. KEYpak is fully integrated to electronic messaging and document transfer through an ALL-In-1 custom application: KEYpak +1.

KEYpak +1

KEYpak +1 is a user interface that integrates KEYpak document conversion software with Digital's ALL-IN-1 Integrated Office System (IOS). It gives users the ability to upload, download, read, edit or send foreign documents from within the ALL-IN-1 forms environment. KEYpak +1 includes an optional viewer allowing users to view mail attachments without leaving ALL-IN-1 and without having the original word processing application available. This optional viewer can be ordered when KEYpak +1 is originally installed or added at a later date There are two versions of KEYpak +1, Version 3 integrated into ALL-IN-1 Version 3 and Version 1.3 integrated into all earlier ALL-IN-1 versions. Both KEYpak +1 are available with the optional viewer.


Some KEYplus qualification questions would be :

  • Are you a VAX/VMS ALL-in-one or WPS-Plus user?
  • Are you going to a pc-based mail/word processing system?
  • Do you need to have your e-mail and documents converted to your new corporate standard format?

If you answer yes to one or all of the above questions then KEYplus can be the answer and product for your company. If you are using DEC's ALL-in-1 or WPS-Plus for VAX/VMS and your company has entered thousands of mail messages and/or word processing documents, most likely they are filed in drawer/folders which enable document management which have descriptions that are significant . If the corporate standard is a client-server based word processing and e-mail solution maybe Microsoft Word WordPerfect or AmiPro you may want all or some of their legacy document accessible to the desktop groupware then KEYplus will retrieve your documents and/or e-mail messages. When it reads your e-mail messages, it puts the whole message together including header, attachments, etc.

KEYplus will determine a significant new file name for your document. For example, if your document is about your "Vacation" then the new document will be name VACATION. If you are using Windows 95 then the conversion will be up to a 39 character name. KEYplus will place the newly converted document in a VMS subdirectory structure that has the same directory names as your drawer/folder. KEYplus is integrated with KEYpak conversion software for the optimum conversion quality.


KEYnote and KEYplus are one of the same product with the exception that KEYnote handles the migration and conversion from VAX/VMS All-in-one user to Lotus Notes. If a company uses DEC's All-one-1 for VAX/VMS and the company has entered thousands of mail messages and word processor documents, they are stored in drawer/folders which has enabled easy document management. KEYnote will help move all of the mail messages or word processing documents to a Notes database. KEYnote, processing on your workstations or server will create Lotus Notes documents. Each Lotus Notes document will consist of four fields for easy access and filing.


KEYpak enables IBM MVS (OS390) users to share documents with PC users and of other host systems regardless of the type of document or word processor software used. KEYpak converts word processing documents including text and formatting codes, bi-directionally between IBM mainframe document processing software such as DCF/Script or Display Write/370 and most major word processing software running on DOS, Macintosh, Windows, OS/2 and UNIX platforms as a wide variety of vendor-specific platforms. KEYpak is available with an optional SoftSwitch integration module that seamlessly integrates KEYpak into the Soft*Switch Central environments.


KEYpak UNIX supports more than 45 different translators enabling the exchange of fully revisable documents. KEYpak also enables DOS, OS/2 and Macintosh desktop computer users as well as users of IBM, DEC and HP minis and mainframes to freely exchange and share documents created using Uniplex, Quadratron, Applix/Asterix, Word Perfect and Microsoft Word -- across local and wide area networks. KEYpak is available with an optional module that allows KEYpak conversions to be seamlessly integrated into OpenMail, an X.400-based UNIX electronic mail system that is quickly becoming the de facto standard for full-featured UNIX E-mail.


KEYpak Connection, under joint development with SoftSwitch, is an interface product that links KEYpak with SoftSwitch Central, an advanced, multi-protocol electronic mail switch. KEYpak Connection used in conjunction with either the KEYpak IBM MVS, or DG Aviion (UNIX) translator library will provide an extensive, fully integrated service for SoftSwitch Central. KEYpak converts word processing documents, including text and formatting codes, bi-directionally between IBM mainframe document processing software running on DOS, Macintosh, Windows, OS/2 and UNIX platforms as well as a wide variety of vendor-specific platforms. KEYpak produces a document that is fully revisable by word or document processors of the user's choice.

File Reporter

KEYpak File Reporter is a software module that identifies the format of a given file or document. It has the capability of identifying more than 250 different file formats. These file types cover a wide variety of application classes including word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, images, presentation graphics, databases, executables, audio and encapsulation formats. Originating application environments can include Apple Macintosh, DOS, Windows, UNIX, DEC VMS, HP MPE, as well IBM MVS and VM. File Reporter does not simply look at the file extension or other external tags, but analyzes a portion of the actual file. Incorrectly labeled files cannot fool the File Reporter.


Most organizations today have a plan to move from legacy office systems (ALL-IN-1, Office Vision, etc.) environment to client server and personal computer networks. Migration plans often call for a lengthy period of co-existence between these technologies, sometimes a three-year transition or a short-term conversion. KEYpak NT can reduce the cost of migrating from host system to client server technology by:

  • Saving time and resources by eliminating the need to re-key and reconstruct documents.
  • Saving "users" time by performing conversions automatically and in "batch" modes
  • Eliminates the cost of user training required for document conversion.

Features :

  • Virus Auto-detection transparent to the user.
  • Supports Internet use with conversion to HTML.
  • Supports Microsoft Word for Windows
  • Automatically identifies document file type by content, not extension.
  • SDK included for custom integration into your applications.

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