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 	Lynn Witzaney 
	ANE Resources, Inc.

ANE Resources, Inc. Acquires substantially all of the assets of KEYplus and KEYnotes from Comp-Shooters.


ANE adds migration conversion software

Technology to its portfolio of solutions for conversion products for VAX/VMS, DEC's All-In-One Mail System, and WPS-Plus, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Word and WordPerfect.

Chicago, IL, - ANE Resources, Inc. today announced it has acquired substantially all of the assets of Compshooters, Inc., which offers migration products called KEYplus and KEYnotes, which solve document incompatibility problems between DEC's systems and popular word processing packages. The purchase price was not disclosed.

KEYplus and KEYnotes are enterprise document conversion solutions, which reside on a VAX mainframe, provide enterprise-wide document interchange among Digital's various platforms to diverse PC-based word processors such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Word, and WordPerfect.

KEYplus and KEYnotes allow access to the legacy system's information, with conversions, from a user's desktop suit. KEYplus and KEYnotes have been the premier conversion utility for many of the Fortune 2000 companies, which are migrating to popular PC-based word processing packages. The software provides an interface for the user to convert thousands of mail messages and word processing documents in one easy step. Originally in All-in-1 drawers and folders, the documents are placed in a directory hierarchy, minimizing the All-in-1 structure. KEYplus names each document with a significant filename derived from its title to All-in-1. Mail messages are written complete with header and attachment information. Optionally, the user may, for historical and easy-access purposes, move all of the mail messages or word processing documents to a Notes database to be worked on in Notes or directly from the PC-based word processor.

KEYplus will determine a significant new file name for your document; if the document is about your vacation, then the new document will be named VACATION, and if you are converting to Windows 95, then a file name of up to 39 characters can be named.

"ANE Resources, Inc. is building a comprehensive product suite to meet the needs of business migration off of old legacy systems and to connect disparate office applications over a variety of electronic mail systems and platforms for today's migration applications. The need for this technology has been asked for by our marketplace. KEYplus and KEYnotes answer the legacy conversion problems and also supports our mission statement of providing quality mail-enabled conversion products to the marketplace," said Gus Esposito, Founder and CEO of ANE Resources, Inc.

ANE will keep the current KEYplus and KEYnotes development and support operations. ANE is a privately held company and a leading supplier of document translation software that enables millions of users worldwide to access, view, convert and translate information across disparate computing platforms.

ANE markets its products and services worldwide through an international distributor network, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and direct sales. Pricing and product information is available by calling 403-235-5939 or e-mail or visit our web page at


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