NEWS RELEASE.............11/14/96...........FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


             Gus Esposito                                             
             ANE Resources,Inc.                          

ANE Resources, Inc. Acquires all assets of KEYpak and PostFAX from FTP Software, Inc.

ANE adds transparent server conversion technology to it's portfolio of solutions.

Chicago, IL, November 14, 1996- ANE Resources, Inc. today announced it has acquired the assets of KEYpak and PostFAX, from FTP Software. KEYpak and PostFAX provides document incompatibility among diverse word processors and fax formats. The purchase price was not disclosed.

KEYpak and PostFAX are enterprise document conversion solutions which reside on any mainframe, mini or LAN server and provide enterprise wide document interchange among diverse systems platforms and networks, including the Internet. KEYpak and PostFAX have been the premier conversion utility for many of the fortune 2000 companies and are the industry leader for document conversion software and interchange. ANE's proven product line allows for diverse word-processing products and e-mail messages to look the same over any network including Internet and Intranet applications. The software works with each e-mail system to provide a seamless interface for the user.

"ANE Resources, Inc. is building a comprehensive product suite to meet the needs of business migration off old legacy systems and to connect disparate office applications over a variety of electronic mail systems for today's applications. The personnel at ANE is deep in experience and have been solving incompatibility problems with the KEYpak technology solution for over 12 years. ANE Enterprises, Inc. was one of FTP's largest distributors before the acquisition and will continue to commit to provide quality consultation, service and support to the large KEYpak customer base utilizing this technology." said Gus Esposito, Founder and CEO of ANE Resources, Inc.

ANE will keep the current KEYpak development and support operations with the same support and development team which has made KEYpak and PostFAX a world leader for support and document interchange. The support team will be managed by Tom Long who has been involved with the support process of KEYpak and PostFAX for several years. Tom has an extensive experience in the computer industry since joining IBM in 1968, and has a background that encompasses hardware, software, pre-sales support, manufacturing, education and product customization services.

"Many of our customers and resellers are extremely pleased there is now a clear mandate and direction for the continuing development, sales and support of a product which is vitally important to their daily corporate operations and productivity " said Tom Long. "With the acquisition by ANE we can now devote our focus on a clear market direction. Also we will have a more direct contact with our customers and understand their needs for product enhancements. We will keep our ears close to the ground and continue to be a customer driven company."

ANE, with this purchase acquisition, has appointed Richard Terry, President, who will be responsible for the sales and marketing efforts in North America, OEM and International distribution. Mr. Terry has been involved in the marketing of document interchange technology since 1983.

"Our experience in the marketplace," according to Richard Terry," indicates strong customer acceptance and long term need for our products and services. We will be announcing additional new products and services as a direct out-growth of our involvement in the conversion/migration and document interchange technology. Additionally we will be announcing new strategic marketing partners in North America and Europe in early 1997".

ANE is a privately held company and a leading supplier of document translation software that enable millions of users worldwide to access, convert and translate information across disparate computing platforms.

ANE markets its products and services worldwide through an international distributor network, original equipment manufactures (OEM's) and direct sales force. Pricing and product information is available by calling 1-403-235-5939.

FTP Software is a registered trademark of FTP Software, Inc. KEYpak, PostFAX are registered trademarks of ANE Resources, Inc.. All other names are the property of their respective companies.