KEYpakÒ removes the barriers to sharing documents. KEYpak NT document converters allow users of disparate word processing systems to exchange fully revisable documents while preserving the original formatting. KEYpak integrates with popular electronic mail systems and gateways providing transparent document conversion for the user and easy maintenance for the administrator.


  • Virus Auto-detection, transparent to the user.
  • Supports Internet use with conversion to HTML.
  • Supports Microsoft Word for Windows.
  • Automatically identifies document file type by content, not extension.
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Maintains file name.
  • SDK included for custom integration into your applications.
  • Converts over 130 legacy and PC word processing formats.
  • Object-oriented converters support complex documents containing headers, footers, frames, styles, tables, embedded graphics & fonts.
  • Provides high quality conversion to PostScript.
  • Designed with extendible architecture to address future format needs.


Reduces the cost of Migration.

Most organizations today have a plan to move from legacy office systems (ALL-IN-1, Office Vision, etc.) environment to client server and personal computer networks. Migration plans often call for a lengthy period of co-existence between these technologies, sometimes a three-year transition or a short-term conversion. KEYpak NT can reduce the cost of migrating from host system to client server technology by:

· Saving time and resources by eliminating the need to re-key and reconstruct documents.

· Saving "users" time by performing conversions automatically and in "batch mode."

· Eliminates the cost of user training required for document conversion.


System Requirements:

Windows NT O/S

Disk Space: 10 MB for full installation

KEYpak SDK:  Allows developers to integrate KEYpak components into other Windows applications via the Conversion Manager API.

Other platforms supported by KEYpak:

DEC AlphaOSF-1
DG Aviion 
SUN Sparc OS, Sparc Solaris Tandem Integrity
And Others…

Email Integrations:
DEC All-IN-1
HP-Open Mail
CDS Mail Hub
Soft· Switch & others...

Other Conversion Products:
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