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Welcome to ANE Resources, Inc.

"Enterprise-wide, Mail-enabled Document Interchange Solutions"

ANE Resources, Inc. has been assisting major corporations break through the barriers to information exchange with its document interchange technology and services since 1989 with the use of KEYpak --its core technology. Early KEYpak implementations provided E-Mail-based documentation interchange for users of minicomputer and mainframe systems, such as Digital's ALL-IN-1 and IBM's PROFS.

Today, no other product-specific translator or emerging interchange technology supports as many platforms or includes as comprehensive a translator library as KEYpak. KEYpak supports all leading hardware and software environments -- from mainframes to personal computers, integrated to stand-alone applications, LANs to gateway configurations. It is a strategic enabling technology that compliments recent developments in application downsizing, E-mail connectivity, and compound document processing.

KEYpak currently is available on IBM mainframes, Digital VAX's, HP minicomputers, UNIX platforms, LANs, as well as DOS, and Windows desktop environments. It works in conjunction with all major operating systems and word processors. In fact, users familiar with their native word processing application can view and edit documents created on more than 70 other applications without loss of document fidelity. This means document features such as headers, footers, rulers, fonts, images -- and compound documents-- are automatically converted to a form usable and revisable by the document recipient.

If you would like to learn more about the thoughts and research behind ANE Resources, Inc and year 2000 compliance statement, please read our white papers.

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