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ANE Resources, Inc. announced today that KEYpakÒ document conversion software is now available for use on the Linux operating system.

Chicago, IL, February 22, 1999 - ANE Resources, Inc. announced today that KEYpakÒ Document Conversion software and PostFAXÔ , the FAX Server conversion software, are available on the Linux operating system. The support of Linux will allow KEYpak to be deployed in the emerging enterprise systems designed specifically for Linux, which require document conversion from legacy systems, as well as Windows-based systems, to Linux-based word processors such as WordPerfect or Applixware Office Suite for Linux. Additionally, ANE's PostFAX will support FAX servers running under Linux to convert native file formats to PostScript and G3 and G4 compliant FAX formats.

According to Gus Esposito, CEO and Founder of ANE Resources, Inc., "The low overhead requirements of Linux OS will allow applications, such as document management systems employing mass migration of directory hierarchy and converted documents, to demand less from the system during peak load times. KEYpak has outstanding features and functionality, such as auto-detection of file type, single document or batch conversion, and support of formats which are Windows/Windows 98-based, DOS-based, Legacy and HTML formats. Now these features and functionality that are available on the existing platforms supported by KEYpak are extended to the Linux O/S."

Other products by ANE Resources, Inc. include PostFAXÔ and File ReporterÒ . PostFAX is a FAX Server-based conversion tool designed to convert native file formats to PostScript and Group III or Group IV formats. File Reporter is the auto detection module, which determines the file type and version of the file by examining the contents of the file, not the file extension, allowing KEYpak to correctly convert the file. File Reporter and PostFAX are available as stand alone products for end users as well as through OEM channels.

About Linux O/S

As a student at the University of Helsinki, Linus Torvalds developed Linux in 1991. It is based on the Minx version of UNIX. The first version of Linux was released by Torvalds in 1991 and made available to anyone interested for free.

In a January 1999 article in TECHcapital by Chritina Dyrness, Dyrness provides insight into some of the mainstream companies embracing and supporting Linux such as Sybase, Oracle, and Informix. Intel and Netscape as well as two other venture capital firms invested millions of dollars into Red Hat Software in 1998. Red Hat is considered the most well known name for providing versions of the Linux O/S, tools and support for Linux. Linux Hardware Solutions, a Wilmington, NC company founded by Kit Cosper, which specializes in hardware designed for the Linux O/S, has doubled in size over the last two years.

On February 19, 1999, a Boston Globe newspaper article reports that, "Users rave about Linux's positive attributes, such as its tendency not to crush and its flexibilty."

Applix Inc. founder Jitendra Saxena said, according to the TECHcapital article, "The fundamental reason for the popularity of Linux is the need for a reliable, vendor-independent system which no single company dominates ..."

To appreciate the level of interest in Linux, one only needs to do a keyword search on the Web for "Linux" and see the vast number of articles and comments on Linux.

About ANE Resources, Inc.

ANE Resources, Inc. is a privately-held company and a leading supplier of document translation software on multiple platforms, which enable millions of users worldwide to access, convert and translate information across disparate computing platforms. KEYpak and PostFAX are available on UNIX, VMS, IBM VM and MVS, NT, Windows, and other platforms. KEYpak and PostFAX provide document conversion among diverse word processors to include conversion translators for HTML, fax, graphics and word processors. PostFAX, a derivative of KEYpak, allows senders of e-mail and FAXES to forward documents to Group III & IV-compliant fax servers transparently, by converting the documents to PostSript/TIFF format. Both KEYpak and PostFAX convert Legacy formats as well as Windows, NT and DOS-based formats such as Word 97, IBM FFT, RFT, DCA Script, Word for MAC, WordPerfect, MASS 11, Digital's WPS Plus and many more formats. ANE Resources, Inc. markets its products and services worldwide through an in



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