2.   Installing KEYpak for OpenMail

OpenMail is a UNIX-based electronic mail server that allows you to communicate with other users.  By integrating KEYpak into OpenMail, depending on the mail client, messages can be delivered to recipients in a format of their choice or as ASCII text. 

                        Note        OpenMail does not support external image/graphics data files.  Therefore, some image/graphics data may be lost in the delivered document.

This chapter lists the installation requirements and provides step-by-step instructions to install KEYpak for OpenMail.

Installation Requirements


       KEYpak installation tape

       OpenMail system

Disk Space

       To install KEYpak for OpenMail, you will require 20MB of disk space.


       Installation of KEYpak for OpenMail will take approximately an hour.

Installation Procedure

Use the following steps to install KEYpak for OpenMail.  These steps provide the instructions and explanation for the installation process.

1.         Log into your system as a root.

2.         Create a temporary directory such as tmp:

Type       mkdir tmp
Press      <RETURN>  or <ENTER>

3.         Now change to your newly created temporary directory:

Type       cd tmp
Press      <RETURN>  or <ENTER>

4.         Insert the KEYpak installation tape into the tape drive.

5.         To load KEYpak files from the KEYpak installation tape:

Type       tar -xv
Press      <RETURN>  or <ENTER>

6.         To install KEYpak for OpenMail, run the installation script OMI.  This script will shutdown OpenMail, ask various configuration questions and restart OpenMail.

Type       ./omi
Press      <RETURN>  or <ENTER>

            The system will display:

KEYpak for OpenMail install
Check for root passed

7.         The KEYpak for OpenMail and sample files will be installed in the directories /usr/openmail/kw and /usr/openmail/kw/sample, respectively.  The sample files may be removed if space is at a premium.

KEYpak for OpenMail executable directory [/usr/openmail/kw]
Sample files directory [/usr/openmail/kw/sample]
Installing conversion executables
Installing sample files
Installing configuration files

8.         KEYpak interacts with OpenMail through the following configuration files.  See the OpenMail Technical Guide for more information on these files. 

To install KEYpak for OpenMail the following files may need modification.

9.         The installation will inform you that in order to modify these files, the OpenMail services must be shutdown.

In order to modify these files the OpenMail
services must be shutdown.
Command will be [/usr/openmail/bin/omoff -d 0 -s all]

Is it safe to do this now y/n [n] 

10.       When you are ready to shut down the OpenMail services:

Type       y
Press      <RETURN>  or <ENTER>

            The system will display:

Waiting for OpenMail to shutdown
Number of services still running 14 10 4 2 0

11.       Once the OpenMail service is shut down, the installation will ask whether you want to use the auto-detect function for determining the format of the source document. 

KEYpak has the ability to AutoDetect document type.
This allows improperly tagged documents to be converted.
Do you want to use AutoDetect y/n [y] 

            If yes (y) is selected for the above question, KEYpak will use the auto‑detect function in order to decide which source conversion to use. 

12.       The KEYpak installation will now ask if you want to replace the existing OpenMail convert strings. 

Do you want to replace existing convert strings y/n [y]

13.       For detailed information on adding and configuring converters, refer to the OpenMail Technical Guide. 

There may be existing converter descriptions from a previous install or other products.  You have the option of keeping the original convert string, which may imply not using the products in this install, or replacing existing converter strings.  Commented out copies of any replaced strings will be saved in the convert file.

For example, in the file /users/openmail/sys/convert there is an existing convert string:

1270 1167 /usr/openmail/bin/dca.browse 1270 1167

            If you enter yes (y)  for the previous question, the above line is commented out with a '#' and  a KEYpak for OpenMail  conversion string is added as follows.

#1270 1167 /usr/openmail/bin/dca.browse 1270 1167
1270 1167 /usr/openmail/kw/omsh %ERR%  -sdc -taf -O -q  %IN% %OUT%

14.       The installation program now generates the changes needed to the OpenMail configuration files.

KEYpak OpenMail Configuration Modification Program

Looking for KEYpak source conversions

Found   af ami  dc mww

Looking for KEYpak target conversions

Found   af ami  dc mww

Looking for OpenMail language directories

Found C american english

Checking filetype files

Checking pcdetail files

Checking convert file

Making backup copy of /users/openmail/sys/convert

Adding conversion from 1620 to 1270 to users/openmail/sys/convert file
  KOCMP done

15.       The installation program will display the command and prompt for updating the converter configuration files:

Command will be [/usr/openmail/bin/omcnvinst]
Should the OpenMail configuration files be modified now y/n [y] 

16.       Enter y to modify the configuration files.  If you enter n for the above question, the OpenMail configuration files will not be installed.

17.       Once all questions have been answered, the system will restart OpenMail and display the following message:

Restart OpenMail.

Restarting OpenMail

Command is [/usr/openmail/bin/omon -s all]

Cleaning up

KEYpak for OpenMail installation complete.

KEYpak is now ready to be used with OpenMail.  For detailed information on using OpenMail, refer to the OpenMail User’s Guide.