Appendix A. KEYpak Converter Formats and Mnemonics

This appendix lists KEYpak supported conversion formats for the Windows NT / XP operating system. These formats are organized into the following two categories:


Text/Word Processor Formats

Image/Graphic Formats

It also lists the KEYpak mnemonic and software version supported for each text/word processor format.

KEYpak mnemonics are useful for identifying the reference and configuration files.

Note KEYpak conversions are available in pairs with source and target converter formats.

Source refers to the format of the document you want to convert.

Target refers to the format that will be used to read and edit the converted document.

On the following pages, Source only or Target only beside a format indicates that only the source or target converter is available for that format.

Text/Word Processor Formats

Conversion Format KEYpak Software
Mnemonic Version

Applix Asterix AXV2.0

ASCII (Text) AF All

Cliq Word QX V1.0

PC V4.1

V2.0, 3.0, 4.1

HP Word/PC HW A.03.03

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) HTM ---
(Target only)

IBM 1403 Line Printer I4All

IBM DCA-FFT IF SC23-0757-1

IBM DCA-RFT DC SC23-0758-1

IBM DCF Script ICV3.2

IBM DisplayWrite 2/3/4/5 IP 2 - V1.0, 1.1
3 - V1.0, 1.1
4 - V1.0
5 - V1.0

Lotus AMI Pro AMIV2.0, 3.0

MASS-11 M1                 V7.x, 8.2, 8.3

Microsoft Rich Text Format RTF V1.1 - 1.5

Microsoft Word for Mac MWM[1]      V4.x, 5.x

Microsoft Word for PC MWV2.0 to 5.5

Microsoft Word for Windows MWW[2]      V1.0, 1.1, 2.0

Microsoft Word V6.0 MW6             Microsoft Word V6.0 for Mac/Windows
(Source only)[3]                                                                    Microsoft Word 95 for Mac/Windows

Microsoft Word V8.0 MW8             Microsoft Word 97 for Mac/Windows
(Source only)[4]                                                                    Microsoft Word XP for Windows

MultiMate MMV3.31, 4.0
V3.5/3.6 Advantage
V3.7 Advantage II

NBS 84-2836

NBI Net Archive NNOASys V5.9, 6.0, 6.1

ODA FOD 26 F2                   DAP FOD 26

ODA Q111/Q112 OD                 Q111/Q112

PostScript Formatter (Target only) PSF                ---

Quadratron Q-One Q1                 V1.95

Uniplex II Plus UP                 V6.01, 7.0

Wang OIS/VS Comm FormatWF                All

Wang WITA WT               V2.0

WordMARC WM              Composer/Plus

WordPerfect 4.2WP                V4.0, 4.1, 4.2

WordPerfect 5.x for DOS/Windows            WO                V5.1, 5.2
                                                                                                   V5.0 (Source only)

WordPerfect 6.x for DOS/Windows            WP6               V6.0, 6.1,

/Windows 95 (Source only)[5]                                            Windows 95 V7.0, V8.0

WordPerfect for Mac (Source only)[6]       WPMV2.0

WordStar                                                         WSV3.4 or less

Image/Graphic Formats

AMI Draw Graphics (SDW) (Source only)

CCITT T4/G3 One Dimensional

Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM)

DCX Fax (Source only)

Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)

JPEG File Interchange Format (JFIF)

Mac Picture (Raster content)


ODA Internal Raster Images (G3, G4, Raw Bitmap)

PC PaintBrush (PCX)

Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)

Truevision Targa (TGA)

Windows Bitmap (BMP)

Windows Metafile Format (WMF)

WordPerfect Graphics (WPG)

WordPerfect Graphics 2.0 (WPG) (Source only)


[1] The MWM target conversion will create a RTF (Rich Text Format) document.

[2] The MWW target conversion will create a RTF (Rich Text Format) document.

[3] For target conversion, use the Microsoft Word for Windows (MWW) format.

[4] For target conversion, use the Microsoft Word for Windows (MWW) format.

[5] For target conversion, use the WordPerfect 5.x (WO) format.

[6] For target conversion, use the WordPerfect 5.x (WO) format.