1. Introduction


KEYpak NT is a document conversion program that lets you convert documents from one format to another in the Windows NT/XP (Intel based) environment. You can convert multiple documents of mixed types (Word Processor, Image and Graphics) simultaneously.

KEYpak removes the barriers to sharing electronic documents. KEYpak converters allow users of host computer and PC-based document processing systems to exchange fully editable documents while preserving the original formatting.

KEYpak integrates with popular E-mail systems and gateways, providing transparent document conversion for the user and easy maintenance for the administrator.

KEYpak Features

KEYpak is based on an object-oriented conversion architecture. Major features of KEYpak are:


Supports Internet use with conversion to HTML.

Supports Microsoft Word XP.

       Supports Microsoft Rich Text Format V1.1 - 1.5.

Automatically identifies document file types by content, not extension.

Converts over 130 legacy and PC word processing formats.

Converts 17 graphics formats.

Object-oriented converters support complex documents containing headers, footers, frames, styles, tables, embedded graphics and fonts.

E-mail and gateway integrations enable automatic in-transit conversion of documents.

Provides high-quality conversion to PostScript.

Built with an extendible architecture to address future format needs.

Purpose of This Guide

This guide describes how to install and use KEYpak in the Windows NT/XP environment. It also provides information on how to integrate KEYpak into other Windows applications.

Intended Audience

System Administrators or advanced users of the Windows NT/XP operating system who will install and use KEYpak in the NT environment.

Software Developers who will integrate KEYpak into other Windows applications.

Conventions Used in This Guide


KEYpak conversions are available in pairs with source and target converter formats. See Appendix A for a list of converter formats supported by KEYpak.

Source refers to the format of the document you want to convert.

Target refers to the format that will be used to read and edit the converted document.

KEYpak Mnemonics

In KEYpak, each text/word processor conversion format is referred to by a unique, two or three character mnemonic. For example, MW is the KEYpak mnemonic for the Microsoft Word for PC and AMI is the mnemonic for the Lotus AMI Pro conversion format.

KEYpak mnemonics are used to identify the reference documentation and configuration files.

See Appendix A for a list of conversion formats and their mnemonics supported by KEYpak.

Related Documentation

KEYpak Conversion Reference Guide

This guide provides information related to source and target conversion formats supported by KEYpak.

Reference Documentation Files (XXTRG.DOC)

In addition to the Conversion Reference Guide, the reference documentation (XXTRG.DOC) specific to each target format is provided as part of the KEYpak installation diskettes. XX represents the two or three character KEYpak mnemonic.

The reference documentation files contain configurations and their range of values available for customizing conversions.

Customer Service

If you encounter problems while installing or using KEYpak, please contact our Customer Servicein one of the following ways:

Call our Customer Service Hotlineat 1-800-661-8161 or
(403) 235-5939 (outside North America) from Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM MT.

Fax your problems to (403) 235-5886.

Send information through our Web Site: www.keypak.com


For detailed information on KEYpak Customer Service, refer to chapter 9 of the KEYpak Conversion Reference Guide.