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KEYpak® is a registered trademark of ANE Resources, Inc.

ANE's KEYpak document conversion software removes the barriers to sharing electronic documents.  KEYpak's document converters allow users of host computer and PC-based document processing systems to exchange fully editable documents, while preserving the original formatting. KEYpak integrates with popular electronic mail systems, fax servers and gateways, providing transparent document conversion for the user and easy maintenance for the administrator.

  • Reduces the cost of migration
  • Compatibility without the cost
  • Preserve valuable business documents
  • Adds value to the network
  • Adds value for the end users
  • Converts and support for over 200 current and legacy word processing formats
  • Supports Internet use with conversion to HTML
  • Supports Microsoft Office XP, Lotus SmartSuite97, Corel WordPerfect 9 Suite
  • Auto detects document types and files
  • Supports all versions of Microsoft Word and Word Perfect
  • Runs on a broad range of mainframe, minicomputer and server platforms

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